Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Upanishadas, Vedanta Sutra etc. Hin/Eng PDF books

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Srimad Bhagavad-Gita (The most basic and most advance Vedic text), Srimad Bhagavatam, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Brahma Samhita and other important texts can be found at:

Bhaktivedanta Vedabase Online And NITAAI Veda

Hindi (new) :

  1. Bhagavad-Gita as it is
  2. Srimad Bhagavatam complete 12 cantos in Hindi
  3. Brahma Samhita
  4. Caitanya Mahaprabhu ki Siksa
  5. Bhagavatamrta-kana
  6. Vaishnava Song Book
  7. Ekadashi Mahatmya 1 & Ekadashi Mahatmya 2
  8. Sri Narasimhadev Lila – Hindi (new)
  9. Chankya Niti in Hindi based on english translation by Patita Pavana Dasa


  1. Ishopanishad (pdf)
  2. Twelve essential Upanishadas
  3. Svetashvatara Upanishada
  4. Mundaka Upanishada
  5. Aitareya Upanishada
  6. Katha Upanishada
  7. Gopala Tapani Upnishada
  8. Chaitanya Upanishada
  9. Hayagriva Upnishada
  10. Sri Krishna Upanisad, Sri Narayana Upanisad, Sri Kali-santarana Upanisad, Sri Vasudeva Upanisad



  1. Adhyaya (chapter) 1
  2. Adhyaya 2
  3. Adhyaya 3 and 4

All the books above, are translated by HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, his direct disciples and other Gaudiya Vaishnava Acharyas.

Books (Commentaries based on Prominent Vedic texts) by Acharyas:

Srila Jiva Goswami: English | Hindi

  1. Sri Bhagavat Sandarbha | Bhagavat-sandarbha (with Hindi Translation) (new)
  2. Sri Bhakti Sandarbha | Bhakti-sandarbha (with Hindi Translation) (new)
  3. Sri Tattva Sandarbha | Tattva-sandarbha (with Hindi Translation) (new)
  4. Sri Krishna Sandarbha | Krishna-sandarbha (with Hindi Translation) (new) 
  5. Sri Parmamta Sandarbha | Paramatma-sandarbha (with Hindi Translation) (new)
  6. Sri Priti Sandarbha | Priti-sandarbha (with Hindi Translation) (new)

Srila Baladeva Vidyabhushana: English | Hindi

  1. Aisvarya Kadambini (new)
  2. Prameya Ratnavali | Prameya Ratnavali (new)
  3. Sri Vedanta-sutra : Adhyaya (chapter) 1,  Adhyaya 2Adhyaya 3 and 4 (new)
  4. Sri Vedanta Syamantaka | Sri Vedanta Syamantaka (new)
  5. Vishnu Sahasra Nama (new)

Other books:

Hare Krishna!

We don’t own any copyrights of any PDF. Only the links are shared here. If you have any problems or issues regarding the PDFs, you can contact us.


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