🕉 All About Vedic texts with The flowchart of Vedic texts 🕉

🕉 The Vedic Scriptures 🕉


2. 4 Primary Vedas

3. 33 Million gods?

4. Brahmanas and Aranyakas

5. Upanishadas

6. UpaVedas and Vedangas

7. The Sutras and Suppliments

8. Smritis

9. Vedanta And Vedanta Sutra

10. Fifth Veda – Itihasa

11. Fifth Veda – Puranas 

12. Srimad Bhagavatam and its Preeminent nature

13. Different paths in the Vedas

14. The Ultimate path to the Absolute

15. Conclusion and Vaishnavism

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Hare Krishna!

Chart of vedic texts
Flowchart / Chart of Vedic scriptures

2 Comments Add yours

  1. cptompkins says:

    Hi Jaya, your charts are amazing! I am writing up a PhD on the origins of medieval Shaiva Yoga, and could use a tip/reference on who you are using to organize these topics/texts! I have about 60-+ unpublished Sanskrit sources I need to chart + topics in the next month. Happy to offer any stuff of interest from my end (I am an apologist for absolute accuracy representing India, btw)….

    Thank you, Chris Tompkins



    1. Hare Krishna, Mr. Chris, sorry I didn’t get you completely, maybe your english is a bit different, but if you need any of this blog’s content, feel free to use it with a reference to the post (only if that post doesn’t contain just the reproduced text). Best wishes to your divine service 👍👍
      You are doing great!!


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