Hari Katha, Upadesha, Moral stories etc. for kids :)

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Haris Adventure in Port of Spain

Dhama Rupini Devi Dasi penned down a spectacular adventure account of Hari Keshava, her own son, with his friend in the port of Spain, Trinidad. Their fun-filled roller coaster ride without the knowledge of their parents, where they encounter a terrible predicament, is ought to leave the young readers amazed. The book beautifully highlights Lord Jagannath Ratha Yatra and the children’s adventure.

Gajendra, the king of elephants teaches children and adults the importance of having faith. Gajendra encountered a calamity when his foot was grabbed by a crocodile. He prays in a mood of surrender and Lord Vishnu reciprocated immediately.

Gajendra is rhythmic and sensory in nature. The appeal to sound makes it a fun read for children yet they learn the importance of faith.

“Beautiful book for children and the “young at heart.”
Gaura Mani Vrajavadhus Kirtan leader

Written in a beautiful poetic rhyming manner with simple onomatopoeia words, it brings to mind the style of Dr. Seuss’ children’s books.

Jaya Govinda Das (Head of Education Congregational Department : Iskcon Vancouver)

To buy the book, please contact Dhama Rupini devi dasi Here.

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(Images source : https://juliarambharose.com/books/gajendra)


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