When Lord Krishna manifested himself in the Srimad Bhagavatam by his expansion

Bhagavata Mahatmya from Padma Purana:

Suta Gosvami said, “O Saunaka, when Lord Krishna was about to leave this earthly planet to go to His own abode, He spoke the eleventh canto to Uddhava. Upon hearing it, Uddhava asked, “O Govinda You have fulfilled Your purpose with respect to Your devotees and as You prepare to return to Your abode, there is one doubt in my mind. Please hear it and grant me solace. kali-yuga will begin immediately, and various types of vicious qualities will become manifest. Saintly people will become demonic and the earth will become over burdened. Then who will give her shelter? O lotus-eyed Lord, but for You, I do not see anyone who can protect the earth. O Lord, You are very dear to Your devotees and merciful to the saintly persons, therefore, please do not leave. O Lord, You appeared here only for the benefit of Your devotees, so how will Your devotees maintain their lives in your separation?

“Hearing these words of Uddhava at the Prabhasa, the Lord devised a solution to give shelter to His devotees. O Saunaka, He invested all His power in the Shrimad Bhagavatam along with Himself in His unmanifest form. We should know, there, that Shrimad Bhagavatam is the personification of the Lord in the form of sound. One who serves, hears, or even sees the Shrimad Bhagavatam becomes free from all sin. In Kali-yuga, therefore, hearing Bhagavata Saptaha is the chief religion and superior to all other means. In Kali-yuga this is the only principle which removes sin and relieves the misery of unfortunate people. It gives them the power to conquer lust, anger, and greed. It is very difficult for the demigods to get relief from Maya, so then, how can mortal beings be expected to become free from her? Hearing Saptaha, therefore, is the correct means to be freed from the clutches of Maya.”

Hare Krishna!


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  1. Rajesh G Karekar says:

    Send about scanto 2,and scanto 3 daily Bhagvat katha

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  2. Rajesh G Karekar says:

    Oustion and ansers please

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