World Map is described in the Mahabharata!


【 For other Major evidences, see post What are the scientific and historical evidences of Mahabharata and Ramayana? 

Brahmins do Sandhya vandamam every day and in that mantra, there is a line “Cathu Saagara Variyantam” which means the sea was all around the earth once upon a time and it started taking the division. In Sri Rama’s ancestral lineage there was a King who had children. They went around the world searching for a particular horse which had been taken away.

In this process the earth plates (land mass) started taking the division into 7 continents. Thus a question came about of how the earth looked like reflected from the standpoint of the moon, described In the Bhishma Parva (Canto) of Mahabharata, 5th chapter:

“Oh Kurunandan (Kaurava’s King), The planet named Sudarshan (Earth) looks spherical. Like a man views himself in the mirror the same way it appears from space. One of its parts looks like a big Peepal Tree (sacred fig) Leaves and the other part looks like one big Rabbit standing on its foot”

Now my question is how did the Mahabharata mentioned a rough guide on the World Map? Which is considered to be impossible based on modern calculations. Have faith, my friends, these are not books of mythology!

Hare Krsna!

Credits: HH Bhakti Chinna Jeeyar Swami

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