Madhvacarya and Achintya Bhedabhed

Dr. Surendranath Das Gupta, a renowned Indologist, states—

“The Gaudiyas do not differ from Madhva, but on the contrary, constructed in part, the superstructure of their doctrine on the basis of Madhva’s philosophy of difference between Jiva and Godhead.”

Thus, though there may not be complete similarity, most of the principles are same. One of our friend brings us to notice the following citation (which is also referred by Dr. Surendranath Das Gupta):

Madhvacarya in his ‘Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya’, commenting on Srimad Bhagavatam 11.7.51, states

Bhāgavata-tātparya-nirṇaya edition published by the Uttarādi-maṭha, page no. 223 (PDF).

visesasya visistasyapy abhedas tadvad eva tu || sarvam cacintya saktivad yujyate paramesvare tac chaktyaiva tu jivesu cid-rupa-prakrtavapi || bhedabhedau tad-anyatra hy ubhayor api darsanat ||

“Qualities and their substrata are also certainly non-different from each other. Everything is possible in the Supreme Lord because he is united
with his inconceivable potency  (achintya-sakti). By that inconceivable potency (achintya-shakti) of the Supreme Lord his relationship with the spiritual forms of
the living entities and with material nature is one of difference and non difference – acintya bhedabheda
– because it is seen that both relationships exist.”

The term ‘Bhedabhed’ is again seen to be used by our Acarya twice in Pg. 266, once in Pg. 270 (PDF).

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Hare Krishna.

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  1. pranjul says:

    Jaya! Wonderful citation

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